Ok, suposedly, there are several ways to do this glitch.Note that none of these are real.

  1. After Draining the water outside the castle a block appears by the corner.When you hit it your suposed to get a key.Enter the white room to make it turn purple and get waluigi.
  2. Get a fast time on the first area racing Koopa the Quick using luigi to turn into waluigi.
  3. Enter the water fall to get to an old cut area from the Beta sporting some beta enemies and a waluigi hat.

Why it DOESN'T WorkEdit

Simple.There is no Waluigi in the Beta.


I didn't discover this but I'm not sure where I heard about it.


  • The menu colors suposedly "prove" there's a waluigi.(Yellow,Wario,Red,Mario,Green,Luigi and Yoshi and Purple,Waluigi)