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This is a funny little glitch in Howzit's shop in Yold Town. Basically, you fall through the floor, then appear back a few seconds later. To do this glitch, you have to be Mario. Flip to 3-D and stand to the far left, and behind the little sign near the entrance. Flip back to 2-D, and walk toward the sign as much as possible. You should be partly inside of the sign. Now, flip back to 3-D, and Mario will do his "falling" animation, and go through the floor. It looks like the game froze, but after a few seconds, it auto-flips to 2-D, and Mario re-appears, just as if he had fallen in a hole. While you are in the falling possition, note that the 2 button is there. While it is there, press it while holding left, you should now be in a dark room where you can see the shop on your right. Go up and you should see that icon with the control pad that is telling you to press up. You should go through a door, but not the shop's door. Now go through the door next to the shop. Inside, it will look like the shop with nobody in there.

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This glitch was discovered by Uberninja1337, and the extension "black void" part by MP3GK

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