the zoras domain out of bounds glitch is a glitch that can be performed in zoras domain(obviously)

it only appears in the legend of zelda ocarina of time 3d

the glitch Edit

the glitch itself is actually one of the easiest glitches ever found and all that you need is the master sword

how to pull off Edit

the glitch its self is ridiculously easy and can be pulled off in just a few seconds

go to zoras domain and find the stone pillar that is close to the water

now stand next to it and face the wall now l target and pull out your sword and jumpslash if links body goes into the wall and you can see nothing but his boots well congratulations you did it but make sure to move fowards otherwise link will go back inbounds and now your staring into nothing but a black abyss that you are free to explore but if you want to there is water in it that you can go into but if you want to go to lake hylia as fast as possible i world reccommend this glitch as the tunnel that is at the bottom of zoras domain still works also you can see the legendary entrance to the unicorn fountain that still does not work... shame but everything still works fine with the exeption of the fact that if you go bact to the surface link will also go back inbounds and if you were wondering go east far enough and you will fall out of bounds but for some reason the waterfall sound effect is still there but its on the same x axis but its as far west as gerudo valley

enjoy this glitch as im going to find some new ones